How? re-mapping the home-row of the keyboard


Hold Down CapsLock
to enable the re-mapping


Use H/←, J/↓, K/↑, L/→ and More
while continuing to hold CapsLock


Release CapsLock
to return to normal operation
Graphic based on QWERTY.svg under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Why? stop wasting your time

What? all without leaving the home-row

Edit Text Efficiently

Stop wasting your time constantly moving your hands from the home row to the arrow keys and back every time you need to navigate and edit text.

With Stick Shift, hold down the CapsLock key and have the arrow keys directly under your right hand.


By operating at the keyboard driver level and utilizing standard Windows™ text navigation functionality, Stick Shift is able to function with most applications.

Traditional CapsLock

Traditional CapsLock behavior is toggleable by double-tapping the CapsLock key.



Who? for programmers, by a programmer

Stick Shift is the product of countless hours spent reading and writing C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Lisp (Clojure to be exact) and C# code.

Stick Shift's author, Caleb Peterson, is a professional software developer by day, and family man by evening.

Caleb has loved the keyboard since age six when his father paid him a sizable sum of money to learn how to touch type on an old Apple //e.

Stick Shift saves you time by removing repetitive
changes to hand position while typing.